Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Whole Wheat Linguine with Green Beans, Ricotta, and Lemon

I always enjoy finding dishes that don't include meat in them, not because of dietary agendas, but because it means there is one less thing to prepare.  The tricky part is to find something that will make a stomach full the same way that meat will.  Pasta, thankfully, does the job fantastically, usually.

The titular recipe involves, as one could assume, pasta and green beans as the "meat" of the dish.  The pasta was cooked, then ricotta cheese was added to the drained linguine.  The instructions said to toss, but that was easier said than done.  Even though the pasta was hot, the cheese didn't exactly melt, partially because of the nature of ricotta, and the quickly cooling pasta.

Next up was the green beans, along with aromatics, cooked first with olive oil, then suedo steamed with pasta water added to the pan.  The coated pasta was then added to the pan along with tomatoes, and topped with lemon zest. 

The dish has a pleasant contrast of flavors; the lemon and the ricotta cheese worked with the other surprisingly well.  I thought that the green beans were perfectly cooked, and considering that I don't usually care for green beans because of their natural squeekyness, it's a good thing.  Jeff, however, still isn't fond of green beans, so I need to find a substitute.  Any suggestions for a green bean substitute?

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