Friday, November 5, 2010

Beef and Tomatoes (was Pepper Stuffing)

In an attempt to salvage the good parts of my stuffed pepper recipe, I combined the stuffing mixture sans orzo with beef, and cooked them all together. One of my main concern was not overcooking the beef, as it's something I've done almost every time I have worked with it. 

After everything was in the pan over medium heat, I cooked the dish for intervals of 2 minutes at a time in an effort to watch the beef.  After four minutes had passed, the beef had cooked enough to brown on both sides.  The surprising thing was, however, even though I had heated the pan before adding the food, the food itself wasn't all that hot.  After sampling the beef, it was at serving temperature, at best, which was a little odd. 

The beef was too chewy.   But, overall, it was delicious.  I was scraping my plate for every bit.  Once again, some of the flavor of the original mixture had been lost, but not to the severe amount as baking had done. 

I think if I marinated the beef in the mixture for a few hours, that would help to tenderize it some.  

Any suggestions?

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