Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Shells with Sausage, Beans, and Mascarpone, take three

I bought some sausage.  Normal breakfast sausage, those tiny little cute ones.  They were a bit tedious to unwrap from their casings, compared to the larger ones I've been dealing with, but it make it somewhat easier to break up in the pan when they were cooking.

By golly, they were flavorful!  All twelve of them.  I've determined that it's time to do something I hoped, out of tediousness, I would never have to do.  It's time to do a taste test.
You see, while the plain jane baby sausages I bought tasted flavorful, I only bought the normal variety.  There are tons and tons of varieties out there, and how am I supposed to know that the plain jane ones are the best, without testing the others?

So, next week, I am going to buy lots of sausage.  It's going to be ridiculous.

(Because my freezer isn't already full of leftover sausage...)

I made oatmeal.

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