Monday, November 29, 2010

Swiss Meatloaf

When my mom used to make meatloaf, I recall having to smother it in ketchup and mustard and enjoying mixing the red and yellow together to make a funky orange.  Mind you, this is the memory I recall, not anything regarding the taste.  That's because my dad had something to do with what into the mixture, something involving french onion soup mixtures.  In the first cookbook I owned, there was a few different recipes for meatloaf that were cooked in the microwave instead of baked in the oven, so I was intrigued by the easy possibilities.

The other unique thing about this recipe is the fact that it has Rice Crispies instead of breadcrumbs.  The end taste from this isn't any different than using regular breadcrumbs, but it's a fun twist.  The other ingredients are relatively normal:  onion, garlic, mushrooms, Swiss cheese (which is, as far as I know, the only Swiss thing about this meatloaf; let me know if I'm wrong), an egg for binding, and of course, ground beef.  The original recipe had a coating of chili sauce and mustard, but I dont like chili sauce, so I switched it with salsa.  What can't salsa do?  (Also, don't mix salsa and mustard.  Bad bad idea.  I speak from experience.)

The thing I was amazed at when I first made this was how flavorful it was, compared to my previous meatloaf experiences.  Now, after having had more cooking experience, I found the taste to be sub-par.  So, I am currently searching online for popular meatloaf recipes, and I will find one to test.

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