Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Red Pesto Kabobs, take one

I made a fancier version of the shrimp kabobs for Jeff last night, because somehow, logic told me I couldn't be spoiled and have a whole kabob of just shrimp. I went out and bought some baby bella mushrooms, an onion, and some cherry tomatoes.

The only difficult part I found was figuring out how to cut the onion for a kabob; all I had ever done was chopped them completely. I ended up cutting the ends up, cutting it in half, then half again. It worked for large enough pieces.

Thankfully, there were no large booms when starting up the grill. I think I'm getting the hang of it. I brushed the kabobs with olive oil, and chose to flip them once every two minutes, a total of two times. I managed to burn my thumb a bit without contacting anything hot besides the air, I'll be sure to move a little faster next time.

I had a little trouble trying to make the pesto stay on the kabobs. I wonder if adding a little more olive oil to the pesto would fix this. We'll try next time.

The shrimp turned out perfectly, but I found the other items didn't match the rich flavor the shrimp had. Everything but the tomatoes and shrimp weren't cooked long enough. The mushrooms were alright, but I think smaller or a different type of mushroom would be better to use for next time. The onions were undercooked, but if they were cooked correctly, I have a feeling they would be a good match. I'm not sure if I can cut them into smaller pieces to make them cook better; they may have to be removed from the final recipe.

I want to experiment with some other items, and I'm going to do some research. Pineapple, normally a friend to shrimp on kabobs, may be too sweet. One way to find out.

Jeff and I think that the final kabob may end up being just a few tomatoes and mostly shrimp. If this is what it turns into, I'd still be happy.

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