Thursday, September 30, 2010

Turkey Spaghetti, take two.

My second attempt at this dish went a lot better than the first, expecially considering I had the right tomatoes.  Everything went smoothly;  the turkey cooked beautifully, the pasta was al dente... But as I was eating it, I couldn't help to notice this craving in the back of my head.  "Beef....this needs beef..." it said.  Every single recipe I've made with ground turkey I have found this to be the case. 

So, while there wasn't anything particularly wrong with the recipe, and I'm sure turkey is healthier than beef, I still want to retry the recipe with just beef. 

Also, every time I make a tomato dish, I have way too much tomato paste left over from the tiny 6 oz can.   I always feel guilty about throwing the rest out, but it would rot in the refrigerator.  Does anyone have any way to save it, without freezing it?  (I find that if I freeze it, I never remember to take it out before I need it.)

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